Erik Lauri Kulo | dystopian art-maker

Dark Star has no backdrop or inherent setting. It is a telling of desolation, whether it be in the solitary existence of a spaceship in a low budget 1970’s sci-fi film or walking beneath a waining moon in some sort of melodramatic escapism from ordinary life. It is uncertain and fragile. A meander through dim landscapes, crudely constructed by droning tones. 

The album was originally planned to be an EP exclusively featuring the mystical desktop synthesizer DarkStar by Red Sound Systems. However, as the project progressed, the originally idea evolved into a full length drone album with tracks performed on several different synthesizers. 

Some tracks has been bounced to a Type I cassette in a Tascam Porta02 that normally requires Type II cassettes, resulting in a certain lo-fi character. Other tracks has been bounced to a tape emulator running at 7 1/2 inches per second with a signal-to-noise ratio matching the Type I cassette.

released March 25, 2017